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recovery isn't easy, but it's worth it.

this is a blog for inspiration, motivation, and affirmations.
it's here to help you on your road to recovery, and mine as well.
enjoy and share :)

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"To be borderline is to have little sense of who you are or what turns you on. At its extreme, it may mean having to turn to others for cues in order to know when to eat or drink, work or rest, or even laugh or cry. It may mean intensely embracing a person, idea, or thing one day, and having no use at all for it the next. This lack of a constant picture of one’s self, one’s values, or one’s passions is at the heart of the borderline personality. Imagine floating randomly through space without any sense of up or down and without a map to show you either your origin or destination. To be borderline means to lack grounding emotionally and to exist from moment to moment without any sense of continuity, predictability, or meaning. Life is experienced in fragments, more like a series of snapshots than a moving picture. It is a series of discreet points of experience that fail to flow together smoothly or to create an integrated whole."
Lost in the Mirror: An Inside Look at Borderline Personality Disorder (via shitborderlinesdo)

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Anonymous asked: Id love to hear your opinion on tk? I'm currently looking at different residential treatment places for my eating disorder and other things, I know from reading up on demi lovatos opinion that TK is amazing, but what do you think about it?:) x


i think TK is awesome. i wasn’t ready for residential in my opinion, and i didn’t have enough time there, but i think that if the circumstances were different for me that it would have been much more beneficial. however, it still was a great experience and i think TK is definitely a great residential program! :)

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I just got so caught up calculating BMI and BMR and TDEE and calculating calories and how much I can lose and how much to eat to lose a lot and using all these calculators and tools meant to do healthy weight loss and using them for planning in my disorder and just wow

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