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"To be borderline is to have little sense of who you are or what turns you on. At its extreme, it may mean having to turn to others for cues in order to know when to eat or drink, work or rest, or even laugh or cry. It may mean intensely embracing a person, idea, or thing one day, and having no use at all for it the next. This lack of a constant picture of one’s self, one’s values, or one’s passions is at the heart of the borderline personality. Imagine floating randomly through space without any sense of up or down and without a map to show you either your origin or destination. To be borderline means to lack grounding emotionally and to exist from moment to moment without any sense of continuity, predictability, or meaning. Life is experienced in fragments, more like a series of snapshots than a moving picture. It is a series of discreet points of experience that fail to flow together smoothly or to create an integrated whole."
Lost in the Mirror: An Inside Look at Borderline Personality Disorder (via shitborderlinesdo)

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Anonymous asked: Id love to hear your opinion on tk? I'm currently looking at different residential treatment places for my eating disorder and other things, I know from reading up on demi lovatos opinion that TK is amazing, but what do you think about it?:) x


i think TK is awesome. i wasn’t ready for residential in my opinion, and i didn’t have enough time there, but i think that if the circumstances were different for me that it would have been much more beneficial. however, it still was a great experience and i think TK is definitely a great residential program! :)

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I just got so caught up calculating BMI and BMR and TDEE and calculating calories and how much I can lose and how much to eat to lose a lot and using all these calculators and tools meant to do healthy weight loss and using them for planning in my disorder and just wow

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You will be okay <3Checkout my Facebook | Tumblr to follow all my illustration/animation happenings :)


You will be okay <3

Checkout my Facebook | Tumblr to follow all my illustration/animation happenings :)

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Anonymous asked: Did you go to TK? And what point was your condition when you realized you needed to check in? I'm really having problems with my outpatient recovery plan and I stayed in the short term hospital unit last month, but I don't know if I need to go a step further and take a month or two to go to a center and figure my stuff out... I've heard TK is excellent but I need to know if I would be a good candidate for it.


i did go to TK! my parents were the ones who decided i needed to go away. i’ll give you the overrall summary of my condition that merited residential: i had a serious suicide attempt that landed me in the ICU for a couple days, then was put in an inpatient psych hospital and ended up there for a month because i was not improving. at that point it had been my 4th or 5th hospitalization (and my third that year alone) so my parents decided i needed something else and they looked into residential. i agreed eventually and they/we decided on TK. 

i’m obviously not qualified to tell you yes or no, but i think it really depends on what you need to work on/your support at home/how you feel. residential often isn’t covered by insurance, and even in a case like mine they still refused to cover it, so we could only afford a month at TK. 

are you in outpatient therapy? could you bring it up to your therapist? you guys could talk it over and figure out if you need it. you/your parents/your therapist could also call TK and do an evaluation type thing to figure it out.

i hope this helped! best of luck, if you have more questions feel free to ask! xx

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Anonymous asked: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you are wonderful, I hope your sadness washes away soon baby


thank you very much love

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Anonymous asked: Help. I want to overdose.



You want to overdose? Rent a funny movie and overdose on laughter. Read a mystery book and overdose on suspense. Buy yourself a tub of ice cream and overdose on sugar. Visit a pet store or an animal shelter and overdose on love. Make yourself an amazing playlist and overdose on music. Bathe in the sun and overdose in vitamin D. Go to the gym and overdose on endorphins. Go to a museum and overdose on art. 

Let me know how that goes.

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